Let's have some good ol' bfast all over the world! Can we break Brad Shoemaker's will and send him packing? Video game treasures? Austin Walker returns to guide us through another end of year bonus episode of The Giant Beastcast. Then, time for Party of the Year! Composer Lena Raine returns to talk about her favorite games of the year, plus a few special moments that stuck out in an otherwise stressful year. Giant Bombcast 567: Two Arms Holding It Open. The Four Lords EX's are vanquished! Jan and Ben jam out to some tunes and find out not even a Kingdom Hearts rhythm game can be "Simple and Clean"! The end of the week is here! Grace Bruxner's Top 10 Animal Crossing Villagers Who Died. Brad and Vinny head into the world of Astroneer to soar to new heights and dig to new and dangerous depths. Former GameSpot editor and Beastcast regular Mike Mahardy pops back in to take us through his favorite games of 2020. Weird splorts, hot newsletters, and a heaping helping of Super Mario Party are just a few of the things that took up space in Rich Gallup's 2020. Real Name: Emmanuelle Pichon. Our annual GOTY feature kicks off as we hash out the awards for Best-Looking Game and Best... Dad. We put him up against some difficult video games to find out. First Appearance: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. But mostly the future! I was having some real lag issues on this one, but it didn't matter in the end. Warm up your hi-fi, it's time for everyone's favorite listening party as we determine the winners for Best Music (and Best Multiplayer). Try a free trial anytime! 4:30:57. It's always Belmont O'Clock somewhere! Jan takes his first trip through Yharnam! Giant Bomb users. You've found yourself at the base of Giant Bomb's Old Games. Here are some games that helped her cope with a trying year. Giant Bomb breaks down the latest news from the world of video games for the radio world, one minute at a time, in this syndicated weekly spot. The commissioner briefly rouses from his well-earned Siesta to tell us about his favorite experiences of 2020. Bunger. What does making an exotic sandwich have to do with the best games of 2020? Check out giantbomb.com for more videos, podcasts, and the world's largest user-editable video game database. Watch behind the scenes videos and vlogs of our travels. A lunchbox full of rusty knives? Want to see the latest virtual reality games? Watch our live panels! Will he succeed? The Giant Bomb community build levels to try and stump Ben and Dan for their money! Doin' It For The Instant Graham. Vinny Caravella takes on the challenge of playing through each of the Castlevania games and some extras. Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. Join as we take part in that timeless battle between your favorite childhood properties and their licensed games. Winterbottom. These Tsumo wrestlers step back into the ring to slap some tiles! Giant Bombcast 669: I'm Always in Pose 6, With Game of the Year rapidly approaching, we're doing some last-minute cramming with Final Fantasy VII Remake, Yakuza, Ori and more, plus trying out the Monster Hunter Rise demo, spitballing ideas for Bethesda's newly announced Indiana Jones game, laughing at the time Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo, and searching for the elusive flavor known only as "lunch. Whether you find this game amazing or annoying, you've got to admit dancehall air horns are pretty great. Game Of The Year 2020: Day One. Probably! Today's come courtesy of @KennyOmegamanX &… https://t.co/O1pKR85sEv. How could it fail? Twitch; YouTube; GiantBomb - giantbomb. Y'all like playing video games? 06:10AM Brad and Jeff take some old favorites out for a spin on some new hardware. Let's hope the blood doesn't get all over their notes!