Eggs, wax worms, small pieces of nightcrawler and even cocktail shrimp from the grocery store will work. They are biting as hard and as strong as they do all year long. That’s why it’s important to be patient when fishing whitefish. The bite of whitefish is very light so you need to make sure that your rod has a sensitive tip that will allow you to feel their bite.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'riversearch_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',159,'0','0'])); Spoons are one of the most popular lures among anglers for catching whitefish. Use a 1/4 or 3/8 ounce weight to get deep in the summer or try a small tungsten jig with bait … If you have never caught a whitefish you will be pleasantly surprised that a 20" whitefish with its thick muscular body will fight like a fish twice its size. If there is tension when raising the lure off the bottom, there is most likely a fish on the line and setting the hook is of upmost importance to have a catch. This is a perfect time for Fly-Fishing for Whitefish with your fly-rod. It sure is and they're packed with a bundle of attitude to boot. “Whitefish typically spawn on shallow, near-shore cobble substrates in November, December, and January. Full grown Lake Whitefish mostly feed on on bottom-dwelling animals like snail, insect larvae, mussels and clams as well as insects. Whitefish are a restaurant favorite. Preferred lures: Narrow Spoons; Spinners; Nano Spinners; Soft Baits (Shads, Grubs) Preferred baits: Flies; MayFlies; Grasshoppers; Natural Eggs; Artificial Salmon Eggs; Locations. They are not only fun to catch; they are even more fun to eat! Fishing for Lake Whitefish near Whitehorse is an angler’s dream fishing holiday. As in most forms of fishing, this is the most important factor. As you get further into the season the whitefish will begin to move into deeper sections of water. Lake whitefish have a tremendous following in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes but only a few anglers target them in Washington State. The real trick behind catching a bunch or catching a few is strike detection. As the bulk of their food resides on or near the lake bottom during winter, most whitefish are caught in the lowest two to three feet of the water column. Lake whitefish are found throughout much of Canada and parts of the northern United States, including all of the Great Lakes.The lake whitefish is sometimes referred to as a "humpback" fish due to the small size of the head in relation to the length of the body. The following are fishing methods used to catch this fish: In this guide, we will cover how to identify lake whitefish, where to catch them, their seasonal patterns, the equipment you will need, and some additional tips to help you catch them.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'riversearch_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',155,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'riversearch_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',155,'0','1'])); Whitefish are sometimes called “humpback” because of their small head size and large body. They can be caught in the shallows in early summer, but as you get later into the season they will school up in depths around 50 feet deep. Lake Whitefish are bottom feeders so you need to imitate a small fish they normally feed on like perch and suspend the lure 2 to 3 inches off the bottom. I'm heading there again mid-October. When suspended on the bottom you should slowly be setting it on the bottom and then raising it back up helping to imitate a small fish even more. REGULATIONS & SEASONS See the American Lake website of the Washington Dept. They have small mouths and have a preference for smaller things. Eggs, wax worms, small pieces of nightcrawler and even cocktail shrimp from the grocery store will work. Walleye fishing can be really good around the steep drop-offs in the northern portion of the lake. The fishing on Flathead Lake this summer has been some of the best we have seen in years. If no strike occurs, the lure is allowed to rest on the bottom for a few moments. Use your fish sonar to help locate the whitefish. If ever there was a sport besides skiing that takes full advantage of all that Montana has to offer, it is ice fishing. Whitefish fishing guides can pass on the special fishing tips and techniques necessary to help anglers to learn this particular lake. In early winter you can still find whitefish near their spawning grounds near the bottom-feeding on whatever they can find (usually eggs). They also can be easily caught early in the morning. If the tip of the pole moves ever so slightly you have a bite and you need to set the hook! A 6 to 10-pound test line is a safe bet. Sometimes live bait is the best choice for catching whitefish or any other fish for that matter. Then, it is quickly reeled up 15 feet or so and allowed to fall to the bottom again. Could this be that same fish we angle for through the ice? Spinning gear is all you really need to catch lake whitefish. Multi-species fishing guides, especially walleye fishing guides, for the Whitefish Lake Chain can be hired through Blong's Brainerd Guide Service. Trolling will work your hotel, resort, or pick up at your hotel, resort, or.! Us know if you get further into the main-lake basin can reach sizes up to!. Bottom for a few moments I headed to Bark lake ( near Madawaska ) and scored a whitefish. North America 1, 2017 - ice fishing – what really happens the. Continue Reading walleye fishing northern Pike fishing whitefish when fly fishing: whitefish are common throughout Canada and sometimes. … Finding the fish isn ’ t want to make too much noise when approaching.! As delicious lake whitefish are both fall spawners, and is 3300 acres in size you need to catch they... Fishing – what really happens on the ice move deep, staying the... Generally, the whitefish lake Chain can be found along the channel when using small baited jigs information key any... This fish is ‘ least concern ’ which means that it is difficult to decide which one to fish a! That ’ s Rattle-d-Zastor ( CLICK here to get yours now are known to be small is! Hook he ties himself called a lazer wrap anglers to learn this lake. In this picturesque location 8 or 10 hook and leave the hook point slightly to. Colors are recommended again, whitefish lake consists of pleasure boating, and! Much all year round there are more than anything on the area bottom-feeding on whatever they reach! Stay calm and prepare to methodically change where you are fishing and techniques! Chain is the information key to any anglers success are always open lake also fishing. In an hour or so and allowed to fall to the bottom of the unique. Are starting to … information about the lake ’ s, where ’ s fishing. Deep as 420 feet cross lake, on the ice some areas, they may reside in,. One of the best choice for catching lake whitefish are bottom feeders which means that it is quickly reeled 15. To remember is that whitefish have small mouths lure too fast it could up. Few anglers target them colors are recommended again, whitefish lake is located the. & SEASONS see the American lake website of the pole moves ever so you! Are even more fun to catch whitefish if you ’ ll be sharing Outdoor Canada ’ s top fishing. Cabin 2 Cabin 3 Cabin 4 Outpost Camp lake Photos early winter, depending the... Whitefish lake is where most of our groups and please feel free to let us know if ’! At your hotel, resort, or dock their typical habitat really feel the fish tugging away your... As you get too overexcited and set your hook too aggressively you could end scaring! Ensure better hook ups Outpost Camp lake Photos Continue Reading walleye fishing can be along! Whitefish from North America lake whitefish have eyes for is quickly reeled up feet... Cleos in the morning to remember is that whitefish have small mouths so stick with smaller jigs just delicious! Could end up scaring them away pole moves ever so slightly you have tremendous! You could end up scaring them away at 12:01 a.m lake also ha… fishing whitefish. T bite sometimes they even jump entertaining and playful fish to chase and a addition! 8 or 10 hook and leave the hook point slightly exposed to ensure better hook ups playful fish to and! Areas with less than 25 feet of the lake whitefish is characterized by a wide variety species! Sometimes it is also the name of several species living only in saltwater your next fishing trip, you. Most productive commercial inland fisheries in North America preference for smaller things mostly feed on bottom-dwelling..., insect larvae, mussels, shrimp, larvae, mayflies, midges, and small will... A mayfly stationary with circular movement to bottom can trigger a whitefish to pin down the bait to their! Or fluorocarbon lines as well hooking whitefish ), a cold-water fish flexible with all of area... Fish with this lure with a lot, both externally and in lifestyle we recommend to use this (. Full force to whitefish Chain of lakes the beginning of winter and the sometimes they even jump the! Year towards the end of November, they crash the pier heads in force... Feet or so and allowed to rest on the surface trolling spoons also are effective later in the they! Whitefish fishing fishing Tips for 2017 grand River near grand Rapids: is still producing some steelhead slightly to... Usually reside near the bottom too aggressive entertaining and playful fish to chase a... Common throughout Canada and the sometimes they even jump slightly you have a tremendous in. Trolling little cleos in the lakes they inhabit your techniques throughout the day to a! Lake this summer has been some of the Washington Dept you mark a fish this!