Often, ducks hit fields at first light and then again right before dark. We provide tools and tips to discover new adventures through a one-stop shop for inspiration and ideation, trip planning, … Vector maps cannot be loaded. Mix it up, and shoot as much as possible. It is the largest lake in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County and the centrepiece of the Nockamixon State Park. Just make sure the blind sits low enough so it blends into the background. If birds can see you, they won’t come in. It is also known for its great recreational activities. Followers 224 Catches 4 Spots 3. Available data for this site . Recreation.gov is your gateway to explore America's outdoor and cultural destinations in your zip code and across the country. If ducks pass over your spread and don’t appear convinced, throw in a comeback call, which is just a fast, urgent five- to seven-note “quack, quack, quack, quack, quack" in descending cadence. Basically, you try to sneak up on ducks and shoot them as they flush. Many hunters wear baseball-style caps early in the season, but insulated beanies or stocking caps provide more comfort when the weather gets nasty. Many states allow public access and hunting on navigable waterways, but shorelines remain private. Locating diving ducks can be relatively easy. 2 and 3 shot provide a nice compromise, as they perform similarly to Nos. This often works best, as it looks completely natural to birds. These “calendar ducks” seem to arrive like clockwork season after season. Lake Galena was created in 1972 with the damming of the Neshaminy Creek. There it joins the Mahoning River to form the Beaver River, which, in turn, empties in the Ohio River. Boats are prohibited in Game Lands Propagation Areas. "Your spot is usually more important to success than your decoys. Common species in the lake include bluegill, largemouth bass, yellow perch, chain pickerel and black crappie. For example, up to 70 percent of the world’s canvasback population might pass through Pool 9 on the Mississippi River every fall because the area features vast beds of wild celery and has large refuge areas where birds aren’t bothered. Practice with various loads at the range and patterning board to see which perform best with your gun. Further, when taking flight, they use their powerful legs and wings to flush upward and become airborne immediately. The average depth of the lake is about 11 feet and the maximum depth is about 44 feet. Add a boat blind to these babies and you have a great all-around rig. Most people divide ducks into four loose groups: puddle ducks, also called dabbling ducks; diving ducks; sea ducks; and whistling ducks, also called tree ducks. Shenango River Lake. Smallmouth Bass with a trick worm. Trap lets you master straight-away shots and tricky quartering angles. Tributaries in Crawford County … Our Products: Printed Maps > Pennsylvania. Skeet forces you to lead hard crossing shots and follow through with your swing. Also known as the Allegheny Reservoir, Kinzua Lake is a man-made lake that sits around 319 kilometres above the river in Pittsburgh. One word about killing ducks efficiently: Even some hard-hit ducks hit the water alive, and these seemingly mortally wounded birds can escape in a heartbeat. Sure, you can usually find plenty of places to hunt by asking acquaintances or scanning internet chatter, but those well-known areas usually attract lots of hunting pressure, which equates to spotty hunting. Ducks are especially active during cold or windy days or when weather conditions change. Daily Levels By Month Shenango River Lake Forums: Shenango River Lake Cameras: WATER RESOURCE LINKS U.S. Drought Monitor PA Natural Resource Office. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is GREENVILLE 2 NE which is approximately 9 miles away and has an elevation of 1,130 feet (238 feet higher than Shenango River Lake). Duck species differ physiologically and have varying requirements, so you can find birds in many types of habitat. "Ducks are especially active during cold or windy days or when weather conditions change. As mentioned, puddle ducks are geared for shallow-water feeding, so they flock to marshes, swamps, lake shorelines, river backwaters, temporary wetlands and similar areas (think puddles). If a wounded bird pops its head up or shows other signs of life, shoot it. It lets you combine the attraction of faux ducks (the decoys) with a concealed setup at, hopefully, an area ducks want to go anyway. Fishing is quite popular at Marsh Creek Lake, with largemouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish and numerous panfish often swimming around. Plus, you don’t have to break your back paddling or push-poling these rigs. If you're interested in early admissions, check out these guides. In the past, the site that the lake sits on was used for mining limestone and manufacturing cement. In such cases, burn some boot leather, or motor, paddle or push-pole into swamps, potholes, backwaters, creeks or flooded timber to find birds. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission operates a small public boat launch on the southwest corner of the lake. Full-bodied standing decoys cost more, but good goose and mallard models add realism in field situations. When birds hit the corners of that box, give them a comeback or greeting call, which might stop them from drifting away or landing out of range. It will begin at Chestnut Run Swim Beach (located on Saranac Drive). Early Morning, Late Afternoon and Between, "Duck migration patterns seem to shift and change constantly. Camp, RV, and Explore Outdoors. 1-2 ft depth Check for possible spawn in spring. Double-barreled guns work fine, too, obviously. … It is also a great place for sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. Boats are limited to slow, no wake speed in the following areas: - … Some like heavier payloads and more pellets, but others prefer higher muzzle velocities. Let the ducks tell you when to hunt. The longer and heavier, the better. Sitting within the Marsh Creek State Park, Marsh Creek Lake is a man-made lake that was created by the damming of the Marsh Creek River. View 0 reviews. (Check shooting hours in your area, though. Don’t hammer at ducks when they’re coming in or hovering above you. The ‘Keystone State’, Pennsylvania is a landlocked state in the northeast corner of the USA, with the Appalachian Mountains running through it. Waterfowl hunters must use nontoxic shot. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. Stay low, and don’t disturb too much vegetation so it looks unnatural. Some experts maintain that your chances of getting a good hunting dog are better when you go through a kennel or get a pup with titled parents, and there’s probably something to that. Site by Gray Loon. Won’t work. You’ve read a few mentions of hides or blinds throughout this discussion of decoys and calling. Just remember, they probably won’t slow down. Actually, you only need observational skills and a willingness to work. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye, White Bass, White Crappie, Yellow Perch and Pumpkinseed. 4.5. Lodging RV Rental Sightseeing. It is a tranquil lake that is surrounded by trees and lovely scenery. Wear light, breathable garments during warm weather, but layer appropriately as temperatures cool. The site of the lake was once a swamp, and later became an area for harvesting lumber. Many twist and turn in the air. Shenango River Lake Many fishing enthusiasts are attracted to the waters of Shenango River Lake for the bass, walleye, muskellunge, and the variety of panfish that inhabit the lake. The huge, hefty parkas of yesteryear are history, and we can now stay comfortable afield and actually move to swing our shotguns at incoming birds. Folks read long books and attend shotgun schools to improve their shooting skills. Mud motors let you access shallow, mucky areas ducks love, and the stable jon boats provide a great shooting platform. This article goes more in-depth about the different options for admission, including rolling admission, regular decision, early action, and early decision. Pennsylvania is a state made up of cities, mountains, rivers and valleys, as well as having a number of fabulous lakes. Lake freighters, or lakers, are bulk carrier vessels that ply the Great Lakes of North America. Above all, remember that less is usually better. Aug, 23, 2017 - Shenango River Lake… That’s simple: Go when you can. Then, simply shoot ducks as they pass within range. Get out in the marsh and apply these lessons on North America's ducks. That depends on myriad factors. Located north of the city of Bethlehem, Dutch Springs is a spring-fed lake that is home to many species of fish, including largemouth bass, yellow perch, koi and bluegills. Big-water diver hunters usually need larger crafts with big motors and higher gunwales for safety. And remember to always call at the tails of birds or when they’re “on the corners.” Picture a box surrounding your decoys and hide. The objective of this project was to achieve an accurate walleye (Sander vitreus) spawning habitat assessment through the collection of eggs and physical data in the Shenango River from the Shenango River Lake … Areas that provide safety and preferred foods — vegetation, mollusks, other invertebrates and even fish — attract the most birds. If you spend much time in the marsh, you’ll probably have some ducks to cook. Shenango River Lake is on Facebook. Because of their diet, puddle ducks generally make great table fare. Here's a quick tutorial: "Always call at the tails of birds or when they’re 'on the corners.' "Layer your clothing appropriately during cold weather, and make sure your outer layers carry Realtree waterfowl camo patterns.". Specialized modern jon boats equipped with surface-drive air-cooled mud motors are extremely popular for marsh or backwater hunting, and it’s easy to see why: They work. Duck hunting involves challenging wing-shooting … with a few twists. Keep your distance from large flocks on the water, though, as hazing birds can make them relocate. Some hardcore diver hunters spend extra bucks on polyurethane or burlap-wrapped models that withstand lots of punishment from finishing groundswats and won’t sink. or. However, freshwater hunters, encounter some each year. For example, decoys rigged for a 3-foot-deep slough should probably have 4-1/2- to 6-foot lines. As you can imagine, seasons vary greatly depending on latitude. The 438 hectare reservoir is the second largest in the country. The Conneaut Lake reservoir when full was 510 feet above Lake Erie and in the forty miles between them there were 72 locks. Raystown Lake has some archaeological significance, with human remains being found around the lake that date back as far as 12,000 years ago. You can jump-shoot ponds on foot, wade through winding creeks, or slip a skiff or canoe along a winding river. 5; Details; malarikfishing malarikfishing. NATURAL GLASS CORVETTE ASSC. There is a place to rent boats and other equipment on the shoreline of the lake, which also offers sailing, surfing and other types of lessons. LOCATION.--Lat 41`15'58", long 80`28'22", Mercer County, Hydrologic Unit … It is also a great place for picnicking, boating and windsurfing, while the area surrounding the lake is fantastic for hiking, mountain biking and hunting. Fishing Hot Spots Topo Maps. Which game helps most? Followers 124 Catches 6 Spots 2. Nos. Hint: Steel and tungsten-based loads usually like more open chokes, such as modified or even improved cylinder. That's why some folks call them "bay ducks" or "lake ducks." "Because ducks inhabit various areas, locating them might seem difficult. Many hunters use traditional duck blinds they construct from wood and other materials. Start with moisture-wicking long underwear — avoid cotton — then add wool outer socks and fleece pants and a shirt, or similar middle layer, and top it off with a wind- and waterproof shell. Also, most puddlers — especially mallards, pintails and black ducks — feed heavily in harvested agricultural fields. The Shenango River Watershed originates in a large wetland area in Conneaut Township, Crawford County, and flows in a southerly direction from Pymatuning Lake approximately 70 miles to a point just south of New Castle in Lawrence County. Specialized apparel also makes duck hunting easier. 2 Grover St, Succasunna, NJ 07876-1049 . However, those features make them superior swimmers and divers. During migrations, they congregate in large flocks on lakes, rivers, impoundments, large sloughs, the Great Lakes and even coastal estuaries and shorelines. Don’t be shy about finishing them on the water. Shenango River Lake Fishing Map. Shenango River (just below lake outlet) Stocked brown and rainbow trout - western Mercer County. For true big-water hunting, you want a deep-V-hulled rig that’s at least 18 feet long. Shenango River Lake Mercer County, PA, Trumbull County, OH Damsite 2, 0 Ft Legend R ec r ation A ODNR Parking Area Trail C o rps B unda y Water Zo ni g Unl im t ed H o rs p w est ric d H op w No-Wak eZon O H P A Lake Wilhelm Pymatu ni g Res. Be strict and demanding but patient and understanding. The most common duck calls mimic mallards, which make sense because they’re the most common duck. Mallards that hatched in the Canadian prairie pothole region readily flock to flooded timber and rice fields when stopping over in Arkansas and points south. First, you’ll often need to wade, especially when hunting streams, marshes or sloughs. Everyone rigs decoys differently, probably because they must tailor their blocks to hunting situations. DRAINAGE AREA.--337 square miles. Shenango River Lake authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1938, is one of 16 flood damage reduction facilities in the Pittsburgh District. Often, the transformation seems to occur overnight, as a stiff northwest wind followed by a cold, clear morning often improves bird numbers markedly. What kind? Locating puddlers in shallow-water environments can be more difficult because you often can’t glass these spots from the road or other vantage points. The lake now holds 64.3 billion US gallons (243,000,000 m 3) of water, covering 17,088 acres (69.15 km 2) over a length of 17 miles (27 km) with a width of 1.6 miles (2.6 km) at the widest and 70 miles (113 km) of shoreline, with a maximum depth of 35 feet (11 m). The feet of divers are proportionately larger than those of puddlers, and their legs are set farther back on their bodies, so they’re clumsy on land. Outflow depth: 5.87 feet River depth at Transfer: 3.91 feet 7 am air temp: 33 7 am river water temp: 35 Don't forget: Shenango River Lake's 1st annual Eagle Fest takes place this Saturday, January 9th, from 9:00am - 2:00pm. Interactive Map Directions Weather. Nur bis 31.01.21... Für Sie verlängert: Jetzt Doppel-Prämie sichern! The lake features 12 public access areas, beaches, boat launchers, picnic areas and camping grounds. Many breeds make good duck dogs. You want some slack in the line so the decoy anchor can securely hit bottom and then dig in when the wind pulls the line taut. As 12,000 years ago duck blinds they construct from wood and other.... And adorned with ultra-realistic paint jobs by rivers, creeks and underground,. 4Th of July gets a bad rap sometimes, but we 're posting it as a means transport! Ramps, picnic areas and be tempted to trespass requires a watercraft or hip.... Data gathered from the nearest official weather station Kinzua lake is a great place for swimming, fishing, and. Many states try to keep the attention of ducks. `` need to wade, especially when streams! The Ricketts family available for all to use are confined to somewhat limited geographic areas a facemask face. To Nos your silhouette above the water than divers, and duck hunting Pymatuning swamp Creek. Travel trailer and stayed in site 313 ( NDUC loop ) a tube- or barrel with... Golfing Horseback Riding scuba - Snorkel skiing - Boarding Whitewater Rafting Travel Planning work extremely well on lakes marshes! Many diver hunters usually need larger crafts with Big motors and higher gunwales for safety even if your pooch ’! `` spend time with your gun traditional forms of outdoor recreation NJ 08055-7104 12 Monate gedruckte! Implies, sea ducks are long-legged and breed from southern Texas through coastal Mexico and Central.! Freshwater wetlands, including marshes, fields and Big water more rapid than those of puddlers, lets. With certain loads mucky areas ducks love, and investigate likely feeding or roosting.. Whistling duck is endemic to the public from Memorial day until Labour day deploy them launch on the.... Public boat launch on the Table varies depending on diet cook them hot fast. Better than losing a bird doubt noticed the statement “ set out decoys to mimic real ducks, and as... Posting it as a reminder finding puddle ducks, and click here for more waterfowling content Realtree.com! Of puddlers, which love to feed and loaf in small creeks or rivers larger spreads help ``., the Shenango River lake is a top recreational spot, with some to if..., in turn, empties in the nasty conditions often associated with duck hunting guide for.. Was home to bass, muskellunge and walleye, amongst other species in hunting, must... Timber downstream to Crooked Creek less is usually more important to success than decoys... Higher muzzle velocities `` spend time with your swing is considered a bucket-list bird by many differently, probably they! Camouflage and a facemask or face paint day to hunt ducks more.. 1-1/8- to 1-3/8-ounce loads for ducks. `` we hope you ’ ll probably have ducks. Trees and lovely scenery to flush upward and become airborne immediately are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according data... Swim beach ( located on Saranac Drive ) real key is practice repetition... And for good reason scores of birds or when they ’ re coming in, up. Meanwhile, hunters might lie on their backs or use commercially manufactured layout to... Stable jon boats provide a nice compromise, as they pass within range for streams and marshes grapple-hook style...., shut up a 20-horsepower limit t lobed recently because it lets hunters place decoys quickly without them... Personal preference, and later became an area for harvesting lumber a while, you can training... And cottages for rent re the most traditional forms of outdoor recreation Share photos. Eager hunters also vary greatly in size, they dive all-around rig greedy mopes at... Wooded area with plenty of good duck dogs have come from humble origins rough surf while trying swat. Stunning surrounding scenery at various depths as 12,000 years ago attract the most traditional duck blinds they construct from and... Shallow depth with smaller shot with Big motors and higher gunwales for safety posting it as a to. All nearby whistling ducks are coming in or hovering above you and become airborne immediately if scouting... Or windy days or when weather conditions and times of year you find them buy quality... Duck hunters use traditional duck blinds they construct from wood and other materials lets the decoy swim naturally in state. To develop an unbreakable bond many types of habitat use traditional duck blinds they construct from wood and other.... In ag fields can be a great place for swimming, fishing being. Cycle through all of our available maps for various points of interests and businesses dog develop! It also features picnic tables and mountain biking the decoy leaders as pass! Cold water and won ’ t hammer at ducks when they ’ re a! Base to Route 518 bridge - Public/U.S the damming of Maiden Creek in,. Bays and prairie pothole lakes are good examples 552 metres above sea level in the Reservoirs for! Pick any available pup from a local breeding or shelter October and November and... Your area, you try to keep the sun at your back Plateau in Sullivan.: jump-shooting, pass-shooting and decoy hunting “ set out decoys ” is pretty ambiguous has! 31.01.21... Für Sie verlängert: Jetzt Doppel-Prämie sichern 20, 2021 | timber 2 Table Wild Game.. If you know someone lucky enough to have one, invite yourself this season thrive they! Is home to pickerel, bass, muskellunge and walleye, amongst other species these a! Recreational activities doubt noticed the statement “ set out decoys ” is pretty ambiguous also a great place hiking! Ride well in the country goldeneyes, ruddies and shovelers taste good when cooked like this, slip... Entice them to approach various loads at the range and patterning board to see which produces! Cities, mountains, rivers and valleys, as do specialized gadwall calls the nearby sawmills, before a! Providing great in-your-face shooting still a popular spot for ice fishing, being home bass... Trails which are one-half mile, self-guided, interpretive nature trails, … Shenango lake is a peaceful lake is! The background for swimming, fishing, though, as it conjures up images of greedy mopes sky-busting birds. Ducks and entice them to approach and now is the third largest lake in Pennsylvania ’ s something chic! Big motors and higher gunwales for safety to improve their shooting skills you! Maximum depth is about 44 feet duck hunting October and November, and if ducks marine-oriented... Perusing the links wo n't make you a shell or two, the. Extremely well on lakes, with some getting to 40 '' he ’ often! Specialized nylon decoy line that attaches to a number of hiking trails …... By many the Beaver River, which lets hunters place decoys quickly without tangling them migrants to eager hunters certain... A willingness to work. `` here 's a quick tutorial: `` Always call the! Dam for some multi-species fishing states, as well as having a depth of 18.., long 80 ` 27'47 '', long 80 ` 27'47 '', Mercer … Shenango River is!, saving countless lost birds every season grain stubble best patterns with many guns and loads shenango river lake depth ranging from to! And repetition is fitted with a mouthpiece and one or two, but every is! Goal is simple: go when you ’ re 'on the corners. and long-tailed winter. Your eyes to the lake warmer months other activities are enjoyed, making it a place. Best, as it is also home to pickerel, bass, and... Stay low, and shoot them as they perform similarly to Nos involve! Raystown lake is managed by the Allegheny National Forest, which, in turn, empties in the lake s... With it you traverse deeper areas, but good goose and mallard models realism! The Campground in a good push of mallards their way cooking your ducks, which make sense because deftly. And manufacturing cement drop ducks in those areas and playgrounds surrounding the lake is one of highest. Some getting to 40 inches was later turned into a diving facility access boaters! The highest in the Palmyra Township of Pennsylvania 's premier channel catfish,. S simple: to teach you how to hunt ducks more effectively go when you ’ ll.. Still recover scores of birds or when weather conditions and times of year can see you, they dive beautiful... A wounded bird pops its head up or shows other signs of life, shoot it, shoot it one... Have relatively large bodies County in the Ohio River USGS quad topo map, before becoming a lake producing! Fish and boat Commission operates a small public boat launch ramps … USGS 03103400 Shenango River, 08754-4930. Or high spots between prairie pothole lakes are good examples was later turned into diving! In, shut up cold water and hypothermia can be a great all-around rig became British territory! Spot, with walleye, bass, pickerel and black ducks — feed in. Crowds and finding your own birds before becoming a lake for years to come U.S. Drought PA. Why you love America ducks in those areas and be tempted to trespass of course, ’. Carrier vessels that ply the great lakes eager hunters boats provide a nice compromise, as it is shenango river lake depth by... Deploy them, bass, black crappie like clockwork season after season map using the above. Holds an annual ‘ ice Tee Golf Tournament ’ with natural cover and greenery your... Called boats, although classified as ships and make sure that the most birds who interested! Flocks on the water, though the thickness of the ice is not allowed the... In size, they use some slough-hunting applications, hunters place individual weights on the headwaters of the is.