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What is Azure Services?

Azure provides a variety of cloud-based services like Compute  Azure provides a range of options for hosting applications and services Networking Networking functionality in Azure includes a range of options to connect the outside world to services and features in the global Microsoft Azure datacenters. Databases Azure provides multiple database services to store a wide […]

Interview Questions and Answers on Azure Service Fabric

What is Azure Service Fabric? Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform used to build scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications for the cloud. Service Fabric addresses the significant challenges in developing and managing cloud applications. By using Service Fabric, developers and administrators can avoid solving complex infrastructure problems and focus instead on implementing […]

How to Connect to Azure SQL Database from ASP.NET

Introduction You can bind your ASP.Net control to data from Azure SQL Database just as you can with SQL Server Database. You need to use SQLDataSource class which is compatible with Azure SQL Database. Note: All Transact-SQL statements are NOT supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database.   STEP 1: Create the TestDB Database 1. Connect […]

Windows Azure Cloud Services Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Service Interview Questions and Answers Windows Azure Interview Questions What is Azure Cloud Service: By creating a cloud service, you can deploy a multi-tier web application in Azure, defining multiple roles to distribute processing and allow flexible scaling of your application. A cloud service consists of one or […]

Windows Azure Cloud Services Training Videos -Tutorial

What is a Cloud Service? When you create an application and run it in Azure, the code and configuration together are called an Azure cloud service (known as a hosted service in earlier Azure releases). By creating a cloud service, you can deploy a multi-tier web application in Azure, defining multiple roles to distribute processing […]

Visual Studio 2014 CTP now available on Virtual Machine Azure Gallery

Looks like the Visual Studio 2014 CTP is out and available both on the Azure Gallery if you have an MSDN License and also for a download. Two ways you can try Visual Studio 2014 CTP: Try it on Azure Gallery Download it to your local system the traditional way 🙂   On Azure Gallery If […]

AppFabric Architecture Overview

Introduction AppFabric is an evolution of the Windows Process Activation service (WAS) and the Application Server role in Windows Server to host and manage WCF and WF services AppFabric is very much dependent on the .NET Framework 4 and uses many of the features provided by the framework such as monitoring, persistence, hosting of WCF […]

AppFabric Features Overview

Introduction: Windows Server AppFabric extends Windows Server to provide enhanced hosting, management, and caching capabilities for Web applications and middle-tier services. AppFabric adds as an extension to your IIS, WAS to Host and Monitor the Windows Workflow (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) based services. The Key features provided by AppFabric are: Hosting Feature Caching […]

Batching Techniques for SQL Database Applications in Azure

Batching operations can be very helpful in improving your performance and scalability for your in house application as well as cloud applications. Here are some of the batching techniques available for you to consider: Transactions Client side code based transactions can be simple and useful. Here is an example:   Table-Valued Parameters In code, you […]