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UML Interview Questions and Answers

      1.         What is UML? Answer 2.                   What is modeling Answer 3.                   What are the different views that are considered when building an object-oriented software system? Answer 4.                   What are UML diagrams? Answer 5.                   What are the major three types of modeling used? Answer 6.                   Mention the different kinds of modeling diagrams used? Answer 7.                   […]

.Net WCF Interview Questions and Answers

1.       What is WCF? Answer 2.       How to enable streaming? Answer 3.       What types of the operation contract parameters could be streamed? Answer 4.       Do we have to change the maxReceivedMessageSize parameter to use streaming? Answer 5.       What types of the quota have the WCF transports? Answer 6.       What is it the Teredo? How we […]

Microsoft CRM Interview Questions

1. Who are the newcomers to the CRM landscape? 2. How is CRM changing and what does the business owner need to be aware of? 3. How much should I plan to spend on a good solution? 4. What are your expectations for CRM in the next five years? 5. What exactly should I be […]

How to Redeploy a BizTalk Assembly from Visual Studio?

In the process of developing an assembly, you often need to deploy, test, modify, and redeploy it repeatedly. In previous versions of BizTalk Server, if you wanted to redeploy an assembly without changing the version number, you first needed to manually stop, unenlist, and unbind artifacts contained in the assembly in BizTalk Server and then […]

What do You mean by UML Diagrams

Each UML diagram is designed to let developers and customers view a software system from a different perspective and in varying degrees of abstraction. UML diagrams commonly created in visual modeling tools include: Use Case Diagram displays the relationship among actors and use cases. Class Diagram models class structure and contents using design elements such […]

C# Interview Questions 5

What are indexers? What are their advantages over arrays?An indexer enables you to treat an object like an array.It helps you to acces the arrays in a class using the class name. Indexer enables you to use bracket notation ([]) with an object to set and get a value from an object.They encapsulate method calls […]

C# Interview Questions 4

Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code? Server side code executes on the server.For this to occur page has to be submitted or posted back.Events fired by the controls are executed on the server.Client side code executes in the browser of the client without submitting the page. e.g. In ASP.NET for webcontrols like asp:button […]

C# Interview Questions 3

What does \a character do? On most systems, produces a rather annoying beep. Can you create enumerated data types in C#? Yes. What’s different about switch statements in C#? No fall-throughs allowed. What happens when you encounter a continue statement inside the for loop? The code for the rest of the loop is ignored, the […]

ADO.Net Interview Questions 3

How do you handle data concurrency in .NET ?One of the key features of the ADO.NET DataSet is that it can be a self-contained and disconnected data store. It can contain the schema and data from several rowsets in DataTable objects as well as information about how to relate the DataTable objects-all in memory. The […]