Data Warehouse Interview Questions

By | May 1, 2014
  1. What is the data type of the surrogate key?
  2. What are the steps to build the data warehouse?
  3. What are the different architectures of data warehouse?
  4. What are the advantages data mining over traditional approaches?
  5. What is the difference between view and materialized view?
  6. What is the main difference between Inmon and Kimball philosophies of data warehousing?
  7. What is junk dimension? what is the difference between junk dimension and degenerated dimension?
  8. What is the definition of normalized and denormalized view and what are the differences between them
  9. Why fact table is in normal form?
  10. What is Difference between E-R Modeling and dimensional modeling.
  11. What is conformed fact?
  12. What are the methodologies of Data Warehousing.
  13. What is BUS Schema?
  14. What is Datawarehousing Hierarchy?
  15. What is data validation strategies for data mart validation after loading process
  16. What is a linked cube?
  17. What is meant by metadata in context of a Datawarehouse and how is it important?
  18. What is incremental loading?
  19. What is batch processing?
  20. What is cross-reference table?
  21. What is aggregate fact table?
  22. What are the possible data marts in Retail sales?
  23. What is the main difference between schema in RDBMS and schemas in DataWarehouse?
  24. What are the various ETL tools in the Market?
  25. What is Dimensional Modelling?
  26. What is VLDB?
  27. What is degenerate dimension table?
  28. What is ER Diagram?
  29. Difference between Snow flake and Star Schema. What are situations where Snow flake Schema is better than Star Schema to use and when the opposite is true?
  30. What is a CUBE in data warehousing concept?
  31. Differences between star and snowflake schemas?
  32. What are Datamarts?
  33. Can a dimension table contains numeric values?
  34. What is hybrid slowly changing dimension?


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