Database Interview Questions

By | May 5, 2014

What is normalization –   

What is an index and types of indexes. How many number of indexes can be used per table –    

What is a constraint. Types of constraints –    

What are code pages –    

What is referential integrity –    

What is a trigger –    

What are different types of joins –   

 What is a self join –    

Authentication mechanisms in Sql Server –    

What are user defined stored procedures. –    

What is INSTEAD OF trigger –    

Difference between SQL server 7.0 and 2000 –    

How to optimize a query that retrieves data by joining 4 tables –    

Usage of DTS –    

How to disable an index using select query –    

Is non-clustered index faster than clustered index –    

Types of optimization in querries –    

Difference between ISQL and OSQL –    

How you log an exception directly into sql server  what is used for this –    

About Replication in Database –    

What is the default optimization done in oracle and sql server –    

How can i make a coulmn as unique –    

How many no of tables can be joined in same sql server –    

How many coulmns can exist per table –    

About Sql Profiler usage

What are the blocks in stored procedure –    

How do you handle exceptions. Give the syntax for it –    

What is normalization and types of normalization –    

When would you denormalize –    

Difference between a query and strored procedure –    

What is clustered and non-clustered indexes –    

Types of joins –    

How do you get all records from 2 tables.

Which join do you use –    

Types of optimization –    

Difference between inline query and stored procedure

How do you rate yourrself in oracle and sql server –    

What is E-R diagram –    

Draw E-R diagram for many to many relationship –    

Design databaseraw er diagram for a certain scenario(many author many books) –    

Diff between primary key and unique key –    

What is Normalization –    

Difference between sub query and nested query –    

Indexes in oracle –    

Querry to retrieve record for a many to many relationship –    

Querry to get max and second max in oracle in one querry –    

Write a simple Store procedure and pass parameter to it     

Types of joins How do you optimize SQL queries About types of indexes in SQL server –    

Difference between writing SQL query and stored procedure –    

About DTS usage –    

How do you optimize Sql queries

What are the types of triggers –    

Types of locks in database –    

Types of indexes.

What is the default key created when a primary key is created in a table –    

What is clustered, non-clustured and unique index. How many indexes can be created on a table –    

Can we create non-clustured index on a clustered index –    

Types of backups –    

What is INSTEAD OF trigger –    

What is difference between triggers and stored procedures. And advantages of SP over triggers –    

What is DTS and purpose of DTS –    

Write a query to get 2nd maximum salary in an employee table –     

Types of joins. –    

What is currency type in database –    

What are nested triggers –    

What is a heap related to database

Types of cursors and explanation each of them –    

Types of cursor locations and explanation on each of them –    

Types of cursor locks and explanation each of them –    

How do you retrieve set of records from database server.

{Set max records = 100 & use paging where pager page no or records = 10 & after displaying 100 records again connect to database retrieve next 100 }

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