.Net Multi Threading Interview Questions

By | April 28, 2014

What is Multi-tasking ?

What is Multi-threading ?

What is a Thread ?

Did VB6 support multi-threading ?

Can we have multiple threads in one App domain ?

Which namespace has threading ?

Can you explain in brief how can we implement threading ?

How can we change priority and what the levels of priority are provided by .NET ?

What does Addressof operator do in background ?

How can you reference current thread of the method ?

What’s Thread.Sleep() in threading ?

How can we make a thread sleep for infinite period ?

What is Suspend and Resume in Threading ?

What the way to stop a long running thread ?

How do i debug thread ?

What’s Thread.Join() in threading ?

What are Daemon thread’s and how can a thread be created as Daemon?

When working with shared data in threading how do you implement synchronization ?

Can we use events with threading ?

How can we know a state of a thread?

what is a monitor object?

what are wait handles ?

(Twist :- What is a mutex object ?)

what is ManualResetEvent and AutoResetEvent ?

What is ReaderWriter Locks ?

How can you avoid deadlock in threading ?

What’s difference between thread and process? ================================================================================================

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