What are Persistence Points and what causes them?

By | May 21, 2014

What are Persistence Points? Persistence points in Biztalk is the key issue in dealing with Orchestration Performance. The SQL Server does bulk of the job at the backend to keep the BizTalk server running. BizTalk has this inherent behavior of saving the orchestration state to the SQL Server so as to quickly and easily recover from any failures. Persistence points are those points in the orchestration that save the orchestration state to the database. Persistence Points induces latency in Biztalk Orchestrations, though you cannot avoid them, but understanding them would help in using them efficiently

What causes Persistence? In normal cases Persistence in Orchestration occurs at the following points: 1. End of a transactional scope (atomic or long running) 2. At the Send shape (except in an atomic transaction) 3. At the end of the orchestration 4. At the of other orchestrations through the Start Orchestration shape Other than that, Persistence at the Biztalk Engine level occurs in following scenarios: 1. When an Orchestration Instance is suspended 2. When the engine determines it wants to dehydrate 3. When an orchestration instance is finished 4. When the system shutdowns in a controlled manner And also Persistence can also occur at debugging breakpoints when the orchestration debugger is being run.

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