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By | September 12, 2014

What is a Cloud Service?

When you create an application and run it in Azure, the code and configuration together are called an Azure cloud service (known as a hosted service in earlier Azure releases).

By creating a cloud service, you can deploy a multi-tier web application in Azure, defining multiple roles to distribute processing and allow flexible scaling of your application. A cloud service consists of one or more web roles and/or worker roles, each with its own application files and configuration. Azure Websites and Virtual Machines also enable web applications on Azure. The main advantage of cloud services is the ability to support more complex multi-tier architectures.

Main Features of Azure Cloud Service:

  • Integrated development experience powered by Visual Studio + Azure SDK
  • Create highly-available, infinitely-scalable applications and APIs
  • Focus on building great applications, not babysitting hardware
  • Test your apps before deploying them
  • Autoscale to optimize cost and performance
  • Convenient health monitoring and alerts


Here are some Azure Cloud Service Video Tutorials

Azure Cloud Services Training Videos

Introduction to Windows Azure Cloud Services


Windows Azure Cloud Services Concepts (Part 1)


Windows Azure Cloud Services Concepts (Part 2)

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