List some Benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus

By | May 28, 2014

Business Benefits:
* Integrated business systems: reduced cycle times, reduced operating expenses, improved customer service, facilitated mergers and acquisitions, easier and more accurate decision-making based on up-to-date business information for “single version of the truth.”
* IT cost reduction and control through standardization of reusable business components.
* Improved responsiveness to change business processes quickly and effectively.
* The ability to respond to special business conditions as they occur.

IT Benefits:
* Reduces time and effort to integrate new and existing applications.
* Creates new processes through the reuse of existing applications and data.
* Increases flexibility to change complex system behavior by minimizing the hidden dependencies among applications, services and middleware in a distributed environment.
* Reduced TCO and greater flexibility to accommodate future needs through use of industry-standard interfaces and protocols.
* Reliably delivers messages across services, even after software, network or hardware failure.
* Provides a service hosting and management infrastructure that is highly distributed, yet centrally managed.
* Disseminates information throughout the enterprise, as well as to customers and trading partners.
* Can be deployed incrementally, speeding delivery of service to customers and reducing risk for large, complex projects.

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