Threading Design Tips

Threading is a valuable programming technique to make applications more scalable and responsive. Weather you are aware of it or not, it is likely that the programs you are writing are using some aspect of threading – this is particularly true of web applications where web page requests are handled by a thread pool in […]

Performance Tips: Test For Empty Strings Using String Length in C#

Test for empty strings using string length, not string.Empty or “” to get the best performance. Because of the implementation of the string class, the most performant method for testing for an empty string is to test for the string length equal to zero. Other methods are effective, but are less performant. Possible Violations of […]

Error Handling Design Tips

Here are some Design Tips on Error Handling or Exception Handling: 1. ArgumentException should be used if invalid parameters are passed. 2. Catch block should log exceptions to event log 3. Directory.GetFiles() method requires try/catch block 4. Do not create methods that throw System.SystemException 5. Do not create methods that throw System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException 6. Do not […]

What is the ReadyBoost feature in Vista?

Vista has a real cool feature called the ReadyBoost, which can be used to boost up the speed of your computer. Its an innovative concept of adding Memory to your system without physically adding RAM memory. It allows you to add the flash-memory like a USB flash drive or a memory card to improve performance. […]

How to run paint from command line?

How to run Paint from command line? To Run Paint from command line just type mspaint in the Run commandline Here is a list of applications you can run from the command lines using these commands in Windows. calc –>Opens calculator cmd –>Opens command prompt window explorer –>Opens Windows explorer magnify –>Screen magnifier accessory msconfig […]

OOPS Design Tips

Here are Three OOPS Design Tips for you to use. 1. Public fields should be converted to public properties. 2. Do not allow inheritance of custom attributes. 3. Abstract Types Should not have Public Constructors Was this Helpful? Why not post a comment below!!!

How to check the size of your Outlook Mailbox

How to check your Mailbox Size in Microsoft Outlook? 1. Highlight your mail mailbox on the left side of the screen. It will be called, for example, Mailbox – YourName, Rob.. 2. Right-click it and select Properties. 3. Click on the Folder Size button. 4. This will give you the total size of your mailbox, […]

List some Benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus

Business Benefits: * Integrated business systems: reduced cycle times, reduced operating expenses, improved customer service, facilitated mergers and acquisitions, easier and more accurate decision-making based on up-to-date business information for “single version of the truth.” * IT cost reduction and control through standardization of reusable business components. * Improved responsiveness to change business processes quickly […]

How do I get started with an SOA solution?

The goal of the SOA approach is to deliver a business solution that enables business agility, not to build a SOA. Reuse of services is often stated as a goal of SOA, and while it is true that reuse can be a good by-product of SOA, it is not the end goal itself. The first […]