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List some Benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus

Business Benefits: * Integrated business systems: reduced cycle times, reduced operating expenses, improved customer service, facilitated mergers and acquisitions, easier and more accurate decision-making based on up-to-date business information for “single version of the truth.” * IT cost reduction and control through standardization of reusable business components. * Improved responsiveness to change business processes quickly […]

Is SOA a product?

No. SOA is not a product, but an architecture approach and set of patterns for implementing agile, loosely coupled dynamic applications. A reflection of its commitment to developing the standards, guidance, tools and technologies needed for developing cross-platform integration solutions, Microsoft has been using service orientation across its products since 1999, when the Web services […]

.Net Architecture Interview Questions

What are design patterns ? What’s difference between Factory and Abstract Factory Pattern’s? What’s MVC pattern? (Twist: – How can you implement MVC pattern in ASP.NET? ) How can we implement singleton pattern in .NET? How do you implement prototype pattern in .NET? (Twist: – How to implement cloning in .NET ? , What is […]