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How to Connect to Azure SQL Database from ASP.NET

Introduction You can bind your ASP.Net control to data from Azure SQL Database just as you can with SQL Server Database. You need to use SQLDataSource class which is compatible with Azure SQL Database. Note: All Transact-SQL statements are NOT supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database.   STEP 1: Create the TestDB Database 1. Connect […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 8

What is view state and use of it? The current property settings of an ASP.NET page and those of any ASP.NET server controls contained within the page. ASP.NET can detect when a form is requested for the first time versus when the form is posted (sent to the server), which  allows you to program accordingly. […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 7

Is it necessary to lock application state before accessing it? Only if you’re performing a multistep update and want the update to be treated as an atomic     operation. Here’s an example:                 Application.Lock ();                 Application[“ItemsSold”] = (int) Application[“ItemsSold”] + 1;                 Application[“ItemsLeft”] = (int) Application[“ItemsLeft”] – 1;                 Application.UnLock ();  By locking application state […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 6

What is different b/w  webconfig.xml & Machineconfig.xml Web.config & machine.config both are configuration files.Web.config contains settings specific to an application where as machine.config contains settings to a computer. The Configuration system first searches settings in machine.config file & then looks in application configuration  files.Web.config, can appear in multiple directories on an ASP.NET Web application server. […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 5

Which template must you provide, in order to display data in a Repeater control? You have to use the ItemTemplate to Display data. Syntax is as follows,   < ItemTemplate >    < div class =”rItem” >         < img src=”images/<%# Container.DataItem(“ImageURL”)%>”  hspace=”10” />     < b > <% # Container.DataItem(“Title”)%>    < /div > […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 4

When you’re running a component within ASP.NET, what process is it running within on Windows XP? Windows 2000? Windows 2003? On Windows 2003 (IIS 6.0) running in native mode, the component is running within the w3wp.exe process associated with the application pool which has been configured for the web application containing the component. On Windows […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 3

What is the difference between repeater over datalist and datagrid? The Repeater class is not derived from the WebControl class, like the DataGrid and DataList. Therefore, the Repeater lacks the stylistic properties common to both the DataGrid and DataList. What this boils down to is that if you want to format the data displayed in […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions 2

What types of data validation events are commonly seen in the client-side form validation? In A Page I have gridview with Options of select and delete using hyperlink when i am selecting any one of then it has to open another page how can it Web service support a) Data set b) dataReader c) both […]

ASP.Net 2.0 Interview Questions

What are the new Data Controls in Asp.net 2.0?Data access in ASP.NET 2.0 can be accomplished completely declaratively (no code) using the new data-bound and data source controls. There are new data source controls to represent different data backends such as SQL database, business objects, and XML, and there are new data-bound controls for rendering […]

ASP.Net Interview Questions

What do I need to create and run an ASP.NET application? Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP. ASP.NET, which can be either the redistributable (included in the .NET SDK) or Visual Studio .NET. Where can I download the .NET SDK?.NET SDK can be obtained here.(You have to install the Microsoft .NET Framework Version […]