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Design Patterns: Exploring the Observer Pattern

Observer Pattern One of the overriding principles of object-oriented development is the proper assignment of responsibility in the given application. Each object in the system should focus on a discrete abstraction within the problem domain and nothing more. In short, an object should do one thing and do it well. This approach ensures that a […]

Explain Factory Design Pattern

An important facet of system design is the manner in which objects are created. Although far more time is often spent considering the object model and instance interaction, if this simple design aspect is ignored it will adversely impact the entire system. Thus, it is not only important what an object does or what it […]

Some Essential Elements on Design Patterns

Here are some Essential Elements of Design Patterns. It basically has four key elements. 1. The Name of the Pattern, that we use to describe and identify a design problem. 2. Secondly the Problem which describes when to apply the pattern. 3. The solution that describes the elements or artifacts that make up the design,and […]

Threading Design Tips

Threading is a valuable programming technique to make applications more scalable and responsive. Weather you are aware of it or not, it is likely that the programs you are writing are using some aspect of threading – this is particularly true of web applications where web page requests are handled by a thread pool in […]