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10 Things Good or Bad about Google Chrome

10 Things Good or Bad about Google Chrome 1. Minimal interface 2. Isolated Tabs 3. New tab options 4. Recovery of Session 5. Dynamic Tabs 6. The Incognito mode 7. Web applications 8. Themes 9. Security 10. Performance Read More on this here

10 mistakes to avoid when seeking a new job

1. Relying on human resources office 2. Using an unprofessional e-mail address 3. Having an unprofessional telephone greeting 4. Overlooking misspellings in your cover letter 5. Dressing inappropriately for the interview 6. Failing to write a post-interview thank you letter 7. Omitting accomplishments from your resume 8. Arriving late for an interview without letting someone […]

10 tips to convince your boss to let you work from home

1. Your place is cheaper than theirs 2. Your productivity will increase 3. Employee retention will go up 4.  You’ll increase your billable hours 5. Your relationships will improve 6. You’ll be running with the crowd 7. It’s the green thing to do 8. Politicking will go down 9. You’ll be more accessible 10. It’s […]