What are the characteristics of azure management groups?

By | March 3, 2023

Azure Management Groups are a feature in the Azure cloud platform that provide a hierarchical way to organize and manage resources across multiple Azure subscriptions. Some of the key characteristics of Azure Management Groups include:

  1. Hierarchy: Azure Management Groups allow you to create a hierarchy of management scopes that can be used to apply policies, permissions, and other governance controls across multiple subscriptions.
  2. Centralized management: With Azure Management Groups, you can centrally manage resources and policies across multiple subscriptions, reducing the need for duplicate effort and increasing consistency.
  3. Access control: Azure Management Groups provide a way to manage access control and permissions across multiple subscriptions, making it easier to control who can access and manage resources.
  4. Policy enforcement: Azure Management Groups enable you to enforce policies and compliance standards across multiple subscriptions, helping to ensure that your resources are being used in accordance with best practices and regulatory requirements.
  5. Resource grouping: Azure Management Groups allow you to group resources together based on business units, departments, or other criteria, making it easier to manage and track resource usage and costs.
  6. Cross-subscription visibility: Azure Management Groups provide a way to view and manage resources across multiple subscriptions from a single location, helping you to gain visibility into resource usage and costs.

Overall, Azure Management Groups provide a powerful way to manage and govern resources across multiple Azure subscriptions, allowing you to streamline management and enforce policies and best practices more easily.

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