What are the characteristics of Azure subscription?

By | March 3, 2023

An Azure subscription is a logical container that is used to provision resources and services in the Azure cloud platform. Some of the key characteristics of an Azure subscription include:

  1. Resource provisioning: An Azure subscription allows you to provision and manage resources, such as virtual machines, databases, storage accounts, and more, in the Azure cloud platform.
  2. Billing and cost management: An Azure subscription is associated with billing and cost management, allowing you to track usage, set budgets, and manage costs for the resources that you provision.
  3. Access control: An Azure subscription enables you to manage access control and permissions for the resources that are provisioned within it, allowing you to control who can access and manage those resources.
  4. Service level agreements (SLAs): Azure subscriptions are subject to SLAs that provide guarantees on uptime and availability for Azure services.
  5. Resource limits: Azure subscriptions have resource limits that dictate how many resources you can provision within the subscription, such as the number of virtual machines or storage accounts.
  6. Geographical location: Azure subscriptions are associated with a geographical location, which determines where the resources are provisioned and where data is stored.
  7. Integration with other Azure services: Azure subscriptions can be integrated with other Azure services, such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Policy, Azure Monitor, and more, to provide additional functionality and management capabilities.

Overall, an Azure subscription provides a way to provision and manage resources in the Azure cloud platform, with associated billing and cost management, access control, SLAs, and other features.

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