What is Azure SQL database automatic tuning?

By | February 21, 2023

Azure SQL Database Automatic Tuning is a set of intelligent features that help optimize the performance of your Azure SQL database by automatically analyzing and adjusting database performance. It uses machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your database and identify potential performance issues.

Automatic Tuning has several features that work together to improve database performance, including:

  1. Automatic index management: This feature automatically identifies missing or redundant indexes and creates, drops, or modifies them as needed to improve query performance.
  2. Automatic plan correction: This feature automatically detects and corrects inefficient query plans by forcing a specific query plan, using a different index, or using a different join algorithm.
  3. Automatic database tuning: This feature analyzes query performance patterns and database usage statistics to identify potential performance issues and makes recommendations for improving performance.
  4. Intelligent Insights: This feature provides intelligent recommendations based on machine learning algorithms that analyze database activity patterns and resource utilization, to improve database performance.

Overall, Automatic Tuning helps optimize database performance by automatically identifying and addressing potential performance issues, reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up database administrators to focus on other tasks.

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